Thursday, November 6, 2008

Week 1 finished

So last time I wrote, I think I was going into my second day of rehearsal.

I guess a couple of days have passed since LOL

Suffice it to say that we've been working REALLY hard, but it is still a blast. Definitely a lot to take in, but we have 4 weeks still and the show IS only 40 something minutes.

Let's see, we staged the big FRIEND LIKE ME number which is going to be a lot of fun...actually almost everything is staged at this point, except for the crazy ONE JUMP AHEAD song. Thank god, because it'll give me a little time to get my cardio up for task. The day the other Aladdin - Carl and sang through the song, we had to run around the rehearsal hall pleading our case to the rest of the cast while we were being chased by our Vocal "Consultant", Todd. If we finished the song without being caught, he owed us $5, if he caught us, we owed him a Lincoln. He never caught me and someone owes me 5 bucks - CARL! Needless to say, I was wiped after that, but it certainly gave me a good idea of what the number would feel like.

The week was full of new faces and a lot of information both from the show and about Disney stuff. Clocking in and out is a bitch. The drive is not a problem at all for me and my body is starting to adjust to the early hours. We have a guy that reads palms, is a professional rub down man, does astrology, karate and is great dancer. HMy voice is starting to warm up nicely. I'm sore after each rehearsal, which is cool because we have trainers that help keep us in shape and healthy.

Thursday was out last day of work for the week since we were off for Halloween so some of us decided to hit up the park; part celebration, part time to have some fun as guests. Not to mention that the last thing we worked on in rehearsal was the ending number that involves lots of spinning gold banners, which are not easy to get down. Let's just say it was a kind of irritating way to end the week, but I was ready to come back and conquer(hence my profile pic). Unfortunately for me, California Adventure was already closed so I was once again denied access to the park and have still not stepped foot inside of it. We hit up the buzz light year ride that you sit in a car and shoot shit. I just kept firing the gun with one hand and took pictures of everyone with the other. We then hit up two more rides before we found out that the park was going to be closing. Short lived, but so what...we work there everyday and will continue that adventure another day. I posted pictures and will get them in here if it doesn't take too long.

Fast forward through a weekend that involved a haunted house, a toga, looking at new apartments, watching my Giants notch another win along with some fun with the pup Wolfy. Monday was great because the Steelers beat the skins, so that puts Giants up 2 in their division for first place!

Monday at rehearsal we finished the golden banner fiasco and set the curtain call. I've never worked on a show where the curtain call was set so early! Tuesday was singing through WHOLE NEW WORLD, which was a lot of fun. We actually got to work with not only our Jasmine, but one of the show's veteran Jas' also. GO OBAMA!

Today we finished working on WHOLE NEW WORLD combining two songs and the scene as one. We also started working on PRINCE ALI which I will ride an Elephant through the audience in LOL

That's all for now, I just wanted to get something out, before I forgot more. It's amazing how it feels like we've already been there for a month.

TiLL NeXt TiMe...

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