Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Week 2 in the Bag, Pilot, Being replaced, Fitness Test and PAIN!

Ok, Apologies Apoglogies! I'm sorry for not getting this out sooner. Please stop yelling at me(you know who you are), I'll get better with the updates I promise! I put a new pic up didn't I? LOL Well, I actually had some stuff to write, but I was working on getting my pics in the blog too and then I got tied up with something else and forgot to come back to it...Anyways, there are new pics under ALADDIN REHEARSALS and RANDOM DISNEY FUN. I'll do my best to get this blog at least up to this week (3) and I will definitely be sure to update again before the week is out!

SO! I can't remember what we did last week after the last blog! LOL I know we worked hard, probably learned some new songs and scenes...Oh! I started to do my work and pranked one of our cast members who had the bad luck of showing up for work late on the same day the past two weeks. One day he woke up late after being drugged at a club and the following week he forgot his id at home and couldn't get past the Disney Guards without it. So on Friday, I decided to give him a call and pretend I was the scheduling department and put on a whole show until he let on that he knew it was me. I made the most basic mistake of NOT blocking my number, which usually is not a problem. Most of you know how I am and can usually tell when I have pranked someone, because you'll get a call from me and the number is blocked...well I blame it on the fact that it was early and I wasn't awake! LOL He actually said, that he was worried for a bit. He saw my number and thought it was me but then after I kept up with him, he started to think that maybe he had put in the wrong number somehow...Oh well, it won't be the last. In fact I got someone good today, more on that later. So we were released early on Friday and instead of sitting in traffic, I decided to head into Disney's California Adventure to check out my future home at the Hyperion Theatre(hence my new picture). While I was there I hit up the Tower of Terror, which was my first ride ever in DCA. While I was on the ride, some other employees of Disney who were sitting next to me and taking advantage of their free park pass invited me to join in with them for the night. They ended up being real cool and we had a great time. We later went to watch the opening show of Fantasmic which was AWESOME. It was my first time seeing the show and it was great. I saw my next job at Disney during the show. I want to be one of the stunt pirates on the Hook's ship during the Peter Pan skit! After that I took off and headed home to rest for a long day of apartment hunting on SAturday.

So we still don't have a new place, so no need to go into any details of Saturday afternoon. However, we saw some potential places, but nothing we is nice to have time to look and not settle for the first thing! Saturday night Erin and I went to see, "Zach and Miri...Porno." The first 30 minutes I was really feeling like we had maxed out on those Judd Apatow like just felt like every other word was an f-bomb or something that just felt unnecessary and out of place. It was making it hard for me to believe anything in the movie, including their relationship. I also felt like she was too winning to believe that she could be in such a shit hole. Thank god the middle picked up and oddly enough when it was time to "make the porno" there was a lot of heart that came through in the story... Wait for the rental.

Sunday was just a lot of time to brush up on my stuff for Monday and then FOOTBALL. I ended up meeting with a buddy E-Kan at Big Wangs in NOHO to watch my GIANTS face his EAGLES. I actually ended up being a competitive game, but of course the champs pulled through! 8-1!!!!

Now time for Monday (Yesterday - getting close!). So we found out we would be doing our fitness evaluations with the Athletic Trainers for the show. Oh yes! LOL I was ready for these guys! Not because I'm in great shape or anything, but because I was looking forward to finally meeting with them so they could see where I was and set up a good program to get me into tip top shape! I had my smirk on the whole time because I had gone right after a few dancers who had incredible flexibility and what not and I clearly am not that. It went as I expected...I'm not flexible and I have some things to work on. Can't wait! I'm actually sitting here now on Tuesday night with a lot of soreness in my legs from the damn eval! LOL I didn't feel too bad, because some of the dancers were sore today too.

We then went into a meeting with other Disney Cast Members where we heard all about the future goodness coming to both Disneyland and California Adventure. It's going to be great! A lot of great stuff is on the way! Make sure you go online and sign up to celebrate your birthday at Disney for free in 2009! I'll join you and maybe get some of your friends in! LOL We also were informed of a show that might be taking our place! AGH! We haven't even opened yet! LOL Nothing to worry about....or is it? ;) We rounded up the day with some good ol' banner work for me personally since I'm doing SO good with them and then we started to chip at the ONE JUMP AHEAD song - the beast that it is!

Today was great, we showed up and it felt like the room was packed! I got to meet a couple of the other Aladdins, Genies, Jafars and so forth. Everyone always asks if it is weird seeing the other Aladdin's cause we all look the same, but you'd be surprised...we are very different. We learned our parts to ONE JUMP and it is going to be crazy! Thank god I have that Fitness Program on the way! My knees are hurting but they'll get used to it.

Random shite...I missed out on an audition for a movie today that may or may not be starring George Clooney. I got called in from a Casting Director who saw me in School Girl Figure this past month. While I'm bummed I couldn't make it do to the crazy day today, I'm excited for next time. Erin got cast in the film though and will be doing a scene with or without George Clooney! LOL UFC's big fight is this weekend and I'm figuring out that so if you are interested let me know. The last thing is that the pilot I shot in NYC before I moved out here FINALLY appears to be completed...It was very promising at the time and had people from Sony and HBO behind it if I am remembering correctly. It is actually a creation from the Grammy Award Winning Record Producer, Andreao "Fanatic" Heard. It's crazy to see after almost two years of waiting, but so is the way of this biz right? Better to see it period I guess. I'm in two parts of this of which I guarantee you will miss but the pilot will be great! Please check it out! I will also leave you with a little message that he wrote us:

"We are now about to begin the shopping process to many different
networks and with our countless contacts, we should be able to secure
a situation very shortly. I myself take pride in the casting for the
show and there were a lot of great performances and many stand outs.
I wanna thank you for bringing my vision to life and interpreting the
characters exactly how Kevin and I envisioned them. We are hoping
that we will be able to keep our cast intact once a network picks up
the show. We will push for you guys to remain as part of the cast.
One way you can assist us in this process is by having your family and
friends leave comments on our youtube page about your specific
character and about the show as well. Please do not leave obvious,
transparent or contrived comments. The networks that we'll be
approaching will be monitoring our page carefully. Thanks again for
your support and a job well done."

Here it is:

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