Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ninja’s, Lunch Rendezvous and Hazing

So the tech's at Aladdin were starting to get jealous because they couldn't participate in our color or theme days. So we decided to make it black day in honor of them. was already announced last week that today would be Ninja Day, but we just combined the two...don't tell.

So I'm dressed in all black today and find the perfect way to turn a t-shirt into a ninja mask and decided I wanted to try it out before stepping out of the house. Erin was passed out in my bed and her dog Wolfy was licking her every few seconds. I stepped into the kitchen and put on the mask and then came back into the room in true stealth, ninja fashion. Wolfy looked at me and I just stared at him for like 20 seconds and then started to slowly creep in. He backed up and then...he started to bark and jump back and forth on the bed, waking Erin. She looked up at me in my full Ninja garb not impressed and insisted I stopped, while I kept on egging the dog on lol. Her main problem with it was that he wasn't going to know when to bark at the real danger...real NINJAS? LOL She wasn't fully awake and had just been taling in her sleep for like 5 minutes on and off. I decided, my outfit was complete.

I showed up and before going into the green room, I put my mask on and got into Ninja mode as I crept around the room. Everyone was looking, trying to figure out who it was and then there was a, "that has to be Ace. Of course it is!" LOL I then proceeded to find a small table next to the piano and got Juan to lure people over, who I then scared at random intervals until we were called into the theatre. There were quite a few people who were dressed in black, but not really celebrating full Ninja spirit. Apparently, people are still not getting the memo's so we will need to find a more effective way of announcing our color/theme for the day.

We went into the theatre and I was crawling and rolling around as I made my way to the front to hear our speech for the day. After we got our assignments, I ducked out of my Ninja clothes and became a civilian to rehearse...not for one point I was being harnessed in for the effect where I fly across the stage and of course, it was time to bust out the ninja mask. Sure enough I put it on and I was surprised that the techs were cool with it. I thought I'd at least get yelled at after my jump, but no. One person asked me if I could see well and of course I could and he was fine and off I went. I threw imaginary smoke bombs at the people on stage below me as I flew across and looked like something out of a Jackie Chan movie. Kudos to Sam for giving me the idea though. A few minutes earlier he soared over in a pose from Crouching Tiger.

It was then time for lunch and for the safety of a few other ninjas and of course my own, I can't openly say what 3 of us did. Let's just say there were some screams, maybe some scares, perhaps a drop or two, and of course...Ninjas...all under 10 minutes. We were back before anyone could telll we were missing, but what else do you expect from three deadly Ninjas?! Let's just say that there were people after us that were not as lucky and they did not make it back...happy.

Back to rehearsal and after eating two portions of lunch I had a nice little Ninja bulge as I readied for a full on run of One Jump. Fast forward a bit and we are on a 15 and after showing some signs of jealousy over Sam's braided locks, Helen offered to give me an, "Updo". Not that I knew what it was, but oh well...why not. So she proceeded to work on my hair and let's just say that 4 different people said I looked like the little girl from Monsters Inc. LOL Oh! If that wasn't enough, Oscar offered her some of his makeup(??) to use on me and after some of the other vets mentioned this would be my right of passage, I figured to give not really, I would have done it anyways, who cares?

Pics to follow at some point this week. I'm sure I am already tagged in some on facebook.

Jason D- Hang in there! We all want accomplices'! LOL

Hope you are having a great week and I'm looking forward to my trip to St. Louis next week!


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