Saturday, November 15, 2008

Week 3 Wrap Up~ Run Throughs, NEW APARTMENT, Run Throughs

What a week. I think I mentioned in my last blog, that Carl (the actor from NY who is also learning Aladdin) hurt his back during rehearsal on Wednesday. When you see the show, you'll see that Aladdin moves quite a bit in the show. Carl especially has a lot on his plate, because he is also learning an additional chorus role and has to learn some of the dance numbers as well. Well, somehow something in his back was not having it and he ended up in the hospital. Thankfully, it seems to just be strained bad and he will hopefully be back within a weeks time. We're pulling for you dude!

Beginning Thursday, we sang through the show from beginning to end, which was a little nerve wracking for me. We had to stand in front of the new cast members and the veterans and sing to them! LOL I felt a little behind on my first number and Whole New World went better...probably because the focus wasn't entirely on me.

We then started to actually run the show all the way through. Immediately, I felt in the zone since I was moving. I'm just the kind of person that needs to be physical with my work. However, right after the big number in the beginning, I was drenched and breathing hard from running around at full force and about 5 seconds after the song ended, they stopped us and had us start again from the beginning of the number! LOL I had about 30 seconds to catch my breath and we were off again! It ended up going well the second time through and we moved on through the show. I'm going to be in crazy shape from this show. Now, those that know me well, know I can eat. A couple people from the cast laugh at me because of how much I eat. I usually bring my full lunch from home and then end up buying some additional food to eat as well. Even still, I realized that I've lost about 10 lbs. I have not been this weight for at least 10 years LOL. Anyways, we ran the show again before the day was through, but it was going great!

Between our first and second run-through I received a phone call from my friend Jay about an apartment that was going to be available. I've had my eye on this place for a long time and I was stoked to hear that it was going to be opening up. It's in Brentwood, which is only 5 minutes from where I live, but is close to all the major highways and still less than a 8 minute drive to the beach. It's also a very expensive area to live in for Los Angeles, but this apartment was a steal. We ended up getting a great 2br apartment in a great area and I couldn't be happier. Erin and I will no doubt he having some parties and it's great knowing I will have triple the space for so much cheaper than what I'm currently paying! We looked at a lot of places, but kept true to our promise of not settling and making sure we found a place that we really liked...little did we know, it would find us! The age old saying proves to be true once again, "Good things come to those who WAIT!"

Friday came and they actually had one of the verteran Aladdin's run the first two run-throughs. They also used one of the veteran Jasmine's too and it was interesting to see the different performances from everyone. Usually, it is weird to watch other people do your role. Sometimes, you can over think and question what you do, but this was different. Maybe it's because all along, I've been rehearsing with another person learning the same role. But even aside from that, the production team has been great about communicating that there are a few of us and we are all going to be different, in fact they encourage it and we definitely are different!

After lunch, it was time for me to step in and run the show. We ended up running it twice and it was a blast! I actually ended up running it with some of the older cast members, which was obviously different, but fun all the same. I love when things are different and this was an awesome experience that kept me on my toes! The returning cast members are really talented and very supportive in the room. It is a great environment and I am looking forward to working with more of them. Everyone is working so hard and this is becoming a great show, not to mention it is SO fun to do. I feel so lucky to be in this position. I would easily do this for free so it's a pretty sweet deal. I had a few cast members come up and give me some great feedback, which meant a lot considering the high level of talent in the show. I also had some great feedback from the Director, Choreographer and Vocal "Consultant" which really made my day. I can honestly say I am giving it 100 percent and it feels good. I'm also very lucky to be surrounded by some great performers in the show and they are all great people. We have a great time together and they really help to make it the good time that it is. As I mentioned in my last blog, Carl, Emily and I started to get everyone to wear a chosen color for the day and it is catching on quick. Within a week we went from 3 people to about 25 people dressed in similar colors LOL We are actually kicking it up a notch and we are starting themes as well. Tuesday is 80's, which will totally be fun, but I have no clue what to wear. It looks like the rest of this coming week is already set with colors/themes for the day.

We ended the day with the learning of the, "carpet toss". At one point in the show, I have to help flip the carpet and I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous. We eventually got it down and it will be a cool little move, once it is set.

After our long rehearsal 8 of us headed into the park for some fun in DCA and then we came back to Disney to hit up Pirates, Indy Jones and watch Fantasmic. It was great to hang with everyone and drain what little energy I had left. But it was all worth it because after all, the next morning I was not going to have to get up and look for apartments!!! We went on Tower of Terror which was a hilarious experience. Ray was screaming the whole time and his picture looked funny as hell. I was actually ghetto and took a picture of the picture on my camera and will post it later LOL

Monday we will be moving into theatre finally and we will be flying on some carpets and jumping across the stage in a harness that will no doubt give me a huge wedgy! Pix to follow ;)

Also, I want to extend an invite to anyone who wants to come enjoy the park. I have a hookup and if you are interested in taking advantage before the new year, let me know! If it is during the week, I can join you after I am done rehearsing.

Other than that, I'm ready for football. Time to watch my Giants notch another W on the board. By the way, I know the Giants are the Superbowl Champs, so there are no doubt a boat load of fans who have jumped on the bandwagon. Just like people were quick to do it with the B.S. Yankees. It is funny how NY teams attract so many temporary fans. But you should at least know that they actually play in New Jersey. Just like the Jets...which come to think about it, that's probably why they are actually doing decent this year...throw in Farve and some luck left behind in the stadium they share with the champs and who would have thought they'd be decent? Let's see if it lasts.

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