Monday, November 17, 2008

New Apartment - Getting rid of anything?

So we headed over to our new apartment today to take a look at some stuff that Jay and Laura might be getting rid of. It was awesome to be in there and just vision living in a better environment with a great new roommate ;) It's bigger, brighter, a better area AND CHEAPER! It looks like the four roommates our going to have a great time in the new space. More so than anything I'm looking forward to enjoying my time with Erin and arguing over how the place will be decorated LOL I think she already is winning this battle. It will be great to finally have people over for parties, fights, sports games or just to plain hang out in our new place. So many plans, so many things to spruce up and so much fun to be had. It can't come soon enough. The time will fly though because after this week, we are off to St. Louis for the Holiday and then once we return, it will be time to call a new place home.

We may need some assistance from someone with a pickup truck to move our stuff. It won't be so much for Erin's stuff, because she literally lives across the street from the new place. It will be more for me. I need to get my futon and bookshelf over and possibly a small computer desk. I don't think it will take long at all. Most of the stuff can be taken over in my car.

We've also already begun checking out craigslist for free stuff for the place. Of course we may even spend a few bucks too if it's nice ;) LOL

We're in the market for a few couches, chairs for a dining room table, computer desk, book shelf...and I'm sure some other random shite.

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