Sunday, November 16, 2008

UFC 91 - Lesnar Champ - Randy still has it.

Wow, what a night. I had quite a few people message me about my picks for this UFC event in my last blog. You can all go to hell because I was 6-3 with my picks LOL more on that towards the end for you fakers!

As far as the main event, I don't want to hear anything. Most of you who gave me crap about my pick for Randy couldn't even name 5 past opponents of Couture and I'm certain, you have no clue who Lesnar's first win was. As I explained to most of you in my replies, I knew Lesnar would be a champ would day, and have been pulling for him since his arrival, but I didn't think he would be able to adapt and respond to Randy's offense. I assure you that when he steps in to fight someone closer to his size, he will have a much more difficult time. It is easy to sit back and say what Randy should or shouldn't have done, but he got beat. He was fighting a good fight, but didn't go his way. However, for shits and giggles, consider this:

Randy weighed in at 220 lbs and considering that the weight limit is 265, he probably didn't cut down to make that weight. Lesnar on the other hand had to cut down to make the 265 limit so he probably was at least 280 lbs by the time he stepped into the cage. For arguments sake, lets say he wasn't 280 and walked in at 265. He outweighed Randy by 45 lbs at least. Let's see...If you want to consider a similar weight difference, let's make a fantasy fight- Let's take one of today's winners, Kenny Florian and put him against a current Middleweight Contender (and gym partner) Patrick Cote who fights at 185 lbs. That would be a difference of 30 lbs. Let's also pretend he wanted to step in and fight Quinton Jackson at Light Heavy. Kenny would weigh in at 155 lbs and Rampage would be 205 lbs which would make a 50 lbs difference, which is closer to the difference in weight between Randy and Brock. Just like I'm sure this sounds crazy, why should it seem any different in the heavyweight division? Granted Couture chose to fight at that weight, so he has to deal with it...but when Randy said, "He caught me with a big shot." maybe it makes more sense. Brock looked good though all in all. He got hit hard by a couple of the shots Couture landed and if you want to think about another heavyweight who couldn't take a jab from an off-balanced light heavy weight, he actually has a legit future. Please, no more talk of Kimbo/Brock- Do you honestly think that the bearded beast would have a chance? If so, continue to watch your youtube videos and pretend to have a clue.

Here are how the fights turned out in case you were not able to catch it tonight-

Matt Brown Ryan Thomas Submission (Armbar) 2
Mark Bocek Alvin Robinson Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) 3
Jeremy Stephens Rafael dos Anjos KO (Punches) 3
Aaron Riley Jorge Gurgel Decision (Unanimous) 3
Demian Maia Nate Quarry Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) 1
Gabriel Gonzaga Josh Hendricks KO (Punches) 1
Dustin Hazelett Tamdan McCrory Submission (Reverse Armbar) 1
Kenny Florian Joe Stevenson Submission (Rear-naked choke) 1
Brock Lesnar Randy Couture TKO (Punches) 2

By the way, You can all kiss my bum because I was specific about my picks, I didn't just take the easy way out like most people. It is easy to show up to watch the fight and call out a few of your winners by picking one of the two fighters. Your odds of winning are a 50/50 - A monkey could easily do the same LOL get educated and make specific picks next time ;)

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