Monday, November 24, 2008

Hippies, Aloha, Christmas Music & St. Louis Trip!

Thursday was Hippie Day at rehearsal. I was personally getting a little burned out over the themes and just slapped a peace sign on a plain white t-shirt and wrote FREE HUGS above it LOL I think everyone is starting to get a little tired with all the themes and stuff. It is great for spirit...just might need a break. Especially considering that the production crew has set up a spirit week involving games, themes and We ran the big show stopper FRIEND LIKE ME which was fun. We worked through the part where I go into the Cave of Wonders and then all of the scene leading into the big number. It's a monster...not so much for me, I just sit and watch most of it literally but for the dancers...uhg! There are some steps they have to climb fast that are steep as shit! I was told that if one person falls or trips towards the top, it will be a large domino effect.

Friday more of the same with FRIEND LIKE ME. The thing is that there are several cast members learning multiple roles so we have to keep doing it over and over to let them work into their spots. I got to do some more harness work which is difficult as shite for the beginning of this scene. It hurts, I'm high up and I dangle for a bit...It looks so much easier than it is, believe me. Aloha Friday was a good hit considering how many Hawaiians we have in the cast. One of the Aladdin's, Eddie forgot totally but was just able to claim his spirit because of his last name, which to be honest, I don't think I can say correctly, let alone attempt to spell.

We finished and went into our half weekend. We knew we had rehearsal on Sunday because of the days off for thanksgiving, so there were mixed feelings about heading into the weekend.

I actually picked up a shift earlier in the week at the Apple Store and by the time Friday night rolled around, I was regretting it. I woke up and went in to work and it was weird considering that I haven't been in there in like 3 weeks and there are always new people in the store. I also managed to attract every weird or complicated customer in the store. Of course, I felt a little rusty because of my time away, but not only that, I had people asking me every question about everything that was either new, or I didn't know the answer to...Other than that, it was nice to be back in there and it reminded me how lucky I was to have the show to go back to the next day. Don't get me wrong, I actually like working for Apple a lot, it's just not what I am here for. I also was reminded that I was going to have to attend a meeting Sunday night after my rehearsal for Aladdin.

That night, I was supposed to head to Ray's for a little shindig, but I realized that I wouldn't have any other time to do my laundry and clean before heading to STL so I made the ultimate sacrifice and stood in and did laundry on Saturday night.

Needless to say, I was a little upset at the thought of not being to watch my football games today, but at least I had a fun day ahead of me. Wolfy looked up at me confused this morning, he had a look on his face that said, "Where are you going, it is your day day for the dog park!" We finished filling in the gaps with the Genie number and I got to work with a few of the other Blue Men...crazy! LOL It is going to be a blast doing a show and working with all these different people. I drank about 4 cups of hot chocolate today and i'm feeling it now... :( We ended up getting released early around 4:30 which was nice. I thought I'd get home with about 3 1/2 hours to spare before my meeting at Apple, but of course traffic had different plans for me...

I still had enough time to play with the Wolfster, clean my room and get some clothes ready for my trip to STL! I'm getting excited to visit the Stegemans and see Queenie's two little dogs. I'm also excited to cook. The deal is that we all have to cook something. I've got an interesting surprise brewing...edible of course :)

To my right, I can hear Wolfy tearing apart the bone I bought him today LOL he's got little burgundy stains on his little white paws from the bone, but he is loving it. Gotta give him a bath before we take off. He'll be staying with Alex and Stanley, a huge golden retriever that Wolfy knows from back in the day ;)

It's nice to listen to some Christmas music although the weather won't commit and let me feel like it is cold enough to be listening to it.

QUESTION FOR YOU ALL IN LOS ANGELES! Do you ever listen to the Coast radio station on 103.5?? They play some good Holiday music, but their DJ's are funny as hell when they talk on the air. They tell these funny stories in this weird deep, jazzy, smooth voice and it is ridiculous. Please, do me a favor and check it out! You'll die!

Giants are 10-1! Our former QB looked good though against them today. Kurt Warner is still kicking man. I tell you what, you can't take anything away from what Favre has done, but if he wasn't around all the talk would be around Kurt Warner in my opinion. There will be a movie about him one day, I guarantee you. I may even write it ;) "From Grocery Stock Boy, to Superbowl MVP!" I'm excited for the next few weeks of football! All the division and rival games are coming up!

My body is lagging today, usually this is my rest day...I'll have to settle for the plane Tuesday morn!

TiLL NeXt TiMe!

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