Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 19 in Cartagena, Colombia filming THE FLIGHT PLAN

Some behind the scene views of a couple of our locations yesterday. We start off the video though, with a simple question, WHO IS CARLOS VIVES?
LOL, maybe I WON'T wear the pilot cap in the movie ;)
Estefi and I wait to do our scene :)

Day 18 in Cartagena, Colombia filming THE FLIGHT PLAN

Off day. Just some tooling around down town and then Saeed and Will hard at work at the end of the day!

Day 17 in Cartagena, Colombia filming THE FLIGHT PLAN

The end of the video shows part 2 of our little action short directed by Frankie Jazz. We shoot at the Hotel las Americas Torres del Mar overnight -- beautiful.
Cool low res art for the film :)
Juan Valdez is amazing. YEARS ago when I was in NY, they had a store and closed it. It was my starbucks. Wished LA would bring Juan there!
Such a cool hotel pool!
This guy was HUGE!
What IS this?!?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 16 in Cartagena, Colombia filming THE FLIGHT PLAN

Today was an intense day. Just one scene, but it was a big one. I didn't end up taking much video, because once we got there, we were jumping right in. I ended up taking a few pictures of the city after as the sun was setting and then met up with Estefania and her daughter Sofi to grab a bite at Juan del Mar's restaurant. The end of the video gives a little peek of our action short directed by Frankie Jazz. Part 1.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 15 in Cartagena, Colombia filming THE FLIGHT PLAN

We had an overnight shoot, so I slept in till about 2:30pm today. Early in the day, before going to bed, I hit up a stand that sold Arepas con Huevos and it was awesome! I also ran into my daily street alarm clock! Ended up realaxing for most of the day. Went for a run and swim then watched the Strikeforce card before getting the tip that Jose Vergara aka Frankie Jazz was going to be performing with some old friend of his who are now in the band IZZY. They were playing at the Hard Rock in Cartagena so I went out to catch him at 11:00pm! Great fun!

Day 14 in Cartagena, Colombia for THE FLIGHT PLAN

Today we were shooting in one of our hospital locations. It was an overnight shoot, my first of the filming process. Needless to say, people grew tired and got a little loopy. Apparently there is a ghost that frequents the hospital and I didn't find that out until after. I'm not sure if anyone knew for that matter, but maybe we'll see her in the footage! I added another film to the list of my projects I've fell asleep in during a take, LOL. There was a shot we were setting up and I passed out, next thing I knew we were moving on to the next...LMAO

Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 13 in Cartagena -- Week 1 wrapped -- The Flight Plan

I posted this message on Facebook (I corrected some typos here, LOL) and wanted to share it here in my blog as well:

 End of week one of THE FLIGHT PLAN. It's only been my second day of filming but today was a tough one for us all because of the heat & having to be inside of a HOT airplane for most of the day without any AC.

 I am sitting here in a cramped van, 1 of 12 & I can't help but smile.

 The awesome camera crew; working so hard to capture Colombia'a beauty & even though we can't all communicate, we KNOW we're on the same page. Grateful for their work to keep our cast looking good.

Our lovely makeup artist, Alcira, who works her tail off & also is like our set grandmother, making sure we're ok whether no matter what. 

Ian, our sound master always making sure we're silencio, or listo! ;)

Jorge, our producer, who people kid with, but we all know has one of the biggest hearts on set!

A fantastic cast & FAMILY -- really!

Joe, are amazing BTS man, who always keeps it fun in front of his camera!

The rest of the crew who couldn't be here today for security purposes, but ALWAYS bust ass!

Our driver who waited in the van all day, and is now letting us all sleep on the ride home.

Of course my two directors...Will & Al, I can't thank you guys enough for trusting me to lead your show! I'm so incredibly driven to do my best for this project everyone loves so much!

Team TFP!"

Like I mentioned, it was an intense day, but you'd never know it from anyone's spirits. It was just a physical thing. Mentally though, we were all rising above and enjoying it all.

It was one of those days that really tests you. There was no place to hide for the crew and they never once bitched. I passed out for a little on the ride home, then woke up and from the back seat was thinking as my iPod was playing. I glanced around and saw everyone passed out and a song came on my iPod. It was Joshua Radin's BRAND NEW DAY.

I honestly don't even know how it ended up on my computer, much less into my iPod, but it just was the perfect song in that moment.

I was feeling incredibly grateful, and Al (one of our directors) happened to be sitting next to me and we were chatting just before I passed out. I could genuinely sense his excitement and that made me excited.

This is a team...a strong one and that's not to be judged by anything but our commitment to each other.  I always am a fan of that and it's been a while since I've felt one this strong across the boards.

Here is our fun from yesterday!  A special action scene will be up soon for everyone to check out ;)
Fun shot by Joe Vergara aka Frankie Jazz.
Our Picture Vehicle
Estefenia & Juan chill as I get my makeup applied.
It's my tradition to slate in each of my films :)
Mosquito murder. Don't mess with me...or my blood.
ACTUAL pilots...and me :)
These two pictures were taken during the ride in the van I described above.

Day 12 in Cartagena, Colombia for THE FLIGHT PLAN

My ALBERT street alarm clock is discovered! We get a visit from a national news channel on set and I conduct an awkward, translated interview! LOL
There are so many different types of chips here. I've posted about a POLLO (chicken) Flavor as well. These Doritos taste like normal Doritos though lol
Coffee break! Tinto :)
I saw this awesome lamp, and I was staring at it for a while before I realized what it was.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 11 in Cartagena, Colombia for THE FLIGHT PLAN

Today was pretty chill. Highlight for sure was picking up the newspaper to find a nice feature written on our movie! You can also check my model plane status :)
It's tuesday, it's Taco...Taco Tuesday!
Mate de Queso aka Cheese soup...aka, make you pass out after you eat its greatness!
My model plane is seeing serious progress.

Day 10 in Cartagena, Colombia for THE FLIGHT PLAN

I wasn't needed on set today, so I woke up early and worked out and then ran to the beach for my jog/swim and I came across about 25 guys running. I thought it was a soccer team at first, but later realized it was military! I followed them and mimicked their workout and then moved to the side while they did different drills on the beach and joined in. Later I picked up a few clothing items to get Cartagena fresh before showing up to see the action on set!
Loved this shot from the car under the night light.
I want to bring home one of these door knockers...only thing is, it will bring down my apartment door.
Bagged condiments..and milk.
Getting some Cartagena gear ;)

Monday, July 9, 2012

My first day filming on THE FLIGHT PLAN!

Big day for this Jersey Kid! Finally got my action on in front of the camera!!

I'm going to start posting pics as well from the day!

This is a wireless focus puller for the camera. Nothing that is groundbreaking, but for my films...yes! Lmao

Getting ready for a shot. Saeed (Producer, who got thrown in as an extra, lol), Will (Director) & Juan Del Mar (Actor).

One of my co-star's Salvo Basile. He plays a guy that causes me great trouble in the movie, but I deal with it to hear about his war stories from his time on set with Brando and other greats. Not to mention he was in the notorious, CANNBAL HOLOCAUST!

A drink I had with my lunch. Great coconut/lemonade.

An amazing local crew member who started out as a production assistant, but ended up serving as a huge translator and great guy among many things! Vote for Pedro!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day before my 1st day of filming!

It's the day before filming.  Production will be on their 3rd day, but it will be my first day!  We went shopping for some of my wardrobe pieces and I prepped the rest of the day until settling in to watch UFC 148!


Just finished my first day of filming today!  Incredible.  Sneak peek for tomorrow:

Saturday, July 7, 2012

2nd day filming. Press & the greatest night yet!

An incredible night!  Press conference & hanging with a local (american transplant)

1st day of filming -- I'm off though!

The parrot in this video made my day!

The house is GORGEOUS.  It is our location for the day.

I'm actually off for a couple of days because they are filming Salvo Basile's stuff right now, since he has to go away for a few weeks.

Last day before filming begins!

The Mime in this video is amazing.  It's obvious that he was putting on a show by his makeup, but it took me a while to figure out that he wasn't actually DRUNK as well! lol

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 3 Rehearsal -- The Flight Plan

Day 3 in the books!

Monday, July 2, 2012

1st Day of Rehearsal -- The Flight Plan -- Ace Marrero

PS-- Hot water in Colombia is not common. It's quite cold! I learned the hard way lol

Location:Cartagena, Colombia

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Arriving in the Heroic City!

It's my first night in Cartagena. The flight was on Copa Airlines all the way from LAX. They are great!!

Cartagena weather is perfect right now. It's humid, but not unbearable...yet ;)

I unpacked and took a little tour. 1st day of rehearsal tomorrow!

Layover in Panama.

Arriving in Cartagena / my crib-o