Monday, July 9, 2012

My first day filming on THE FLIGHT PLAN!

Big day for this Jersey Kid! Finally got my action on in front of the camera!!

I'm going to start posting pics as well from the day!

This is a wireless focus puller for the camera. Nothing that is groundbreaking, but for my films...yes! Lmao

Getting ready for a shot. Saeed (Producer, who got thrown in as an extra, lol), Will (Director) & Juan Del Mar (Actor).

One of my co-star's Salvo Basile. He plays a guy that causes me great trouble in the movie, but I deal with it to hear about his war stories from his time on set with Brando and other greats. Not to mention he was in the notorious, CANNBAL HOLOCAUST!

A drink I had with my lunch. Great coconut/lemonade.

An amazing local crew member who started out as a production assistant, but ended up serving as a huge translator and great guy among many things! Vote for Pedro!

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