Thursday, May 14, 2009


Last June I went in to audition and booked a day of work on the spot for General Hospital.

Well, in April they brought me in for two days to work with all their show Directors while they ran tech for their switch to HD cameras in the studio. It was a great experience and was nice to be back.

Today, I got the official word that they are bringing me back to play a reporter for two shows! I'll be working later this month and will be sure to kill it so they have no choice but to have me back, yet again.

I think back to my college days and how they always told us, "It's great to get the first job, but you ultimately want to be hired again!" I'm fortunate to have had that happen multiple times in addition to having my past work~get me work. That little snowball I set down the hill is starting to grow and pick up speed~



Costa Rica!

After a little over a week of research and countless calls and emails. I'm officially booked for Costa Rica in July!

It started out as a trip for Erin and I, then grew to a party of four which I couldn't be happier about because we'll have some great travel buddies to party with. One of my college buddies, Andrew who is the GO-TO vacation guy, he always comes out to join us and then agood friend of mine, E-kan.

The trip ended up being very cheap and from what I hear from a bunch of people, the US dollar is REALLY strong there. Full steak dinners for $8 and a beer for .80 cents! LOL

All that is left to book are our daily trips. So far I'm interested in riding ATV's through the jungle, white water rafting, ziplines, a trip to the Arenal Volcano & of course a stop in the Resort Town of Manuel Antonio. Oh and of course no trip to Costa Rica is complete without jumping on that board to surf.

E-kan and I already have some time set up to surf out here so we don't look like complete fools when we hit the black sand beach in Playa Hermosa.

It's going to be a great couple of weeks. My best friend and his girlfriend will be visiting in June, then our trip~then my birthday ;)



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Website!

I felt it was time to offer my site a bit of a facelift. It's been about a year and there's only been updates - but I'm ready to spice up my design.