Monday, October 20, 2014

Success: Celebrate Your Surroundings

We got back from our wedding/honeymoon in July, and it was a whirlwind of catching up, getting re-focused and "settled."  Yea right.  It went from 0-100.  A friend called me up and asked if I was available to jump into production on a feature film he was working on, ANOTHER TIME, to help produce.  It was like hopping on to a running train, but it was a fun and rewarding experience.  
Since then a few other little things popped up here and there and what do you know, we're now seeing Christmas decorations being put out on display.

Lately, I would bump into friends, and someone will ask what I am up to, and the answer is always the same, "Oh, you know, same ol' hustle."  It's my traditional reply.  I just like to know what other people are up to.  I'm curious by nature.  Don't get me wrong, I'm totally passionate about what I may have in the mix, but I've probably posted about it somewhere LOL, or just plain welcome the break from talking about it.

Lately, it's also been important to me to support and champion my friends who are working hard, and achieving great results!  So, I like to hear what they've got going on, or how I might be able to help.  Not in a way to benefit ME, but just a way to GIVE.  Not enough GIVING goes on out there.  I want to practice (encourage) that.  

I heard an athlete mention this recently and I couldn't agree more, "One of the keys to success is being able to celebrate your surroundings."  This was his response when he was asked about leaving his current gym for a, "better one."  While we can argue that if you are surrounded by better people, it will push YOU to be better, I think there was a stronger message.  For my money, there was a better takeaway in three of his chosen words, "CELEBRATE YOUR SURROUNDINGS." 
I have always felt that.  I think it is why I remember odd things about people, or experiences I've had with them.  I will always say, I may not remember a name, but I'll remember an experience and remind you of THAT, I promise.

I like working with people I've worked with before.  But, I like even more, working with people who can support and celebrate each-other, I am learning lately.  

I genuinely get excited when I see other people, my teammates, get some victories along the way.  We work hard.  Not JUST in this business, because I have friends not involved in entertainment that I get equally excited to read or hear about when great stuff is  happening for them.  This business is my immediate connection of course, and I know how challenging it can be, so it's mostly what I refer to.  It's why I created #TEAMBOOKIT
The sad thing is that it becomes harder to cheer for someone, than it is to just pick out or pick upon their challenges I notice.  

Misery loves company, and for every positive or encouraging person, I've noticed five, who no longer ARE teammates, and drift over to the side occupied by envy, jealousy and negativity.  Not even necessarily directed at me -- I've seen it happen to friends of mine BY friends of mine.  

For me, I like to send congrats when things hit for people.  I may not be the first to say something when things are, "brewing", but for sure when it lands.  Maybe that is just my protection since so many things fall along the way.  Maybe, it is just because I don't want to jinx anyone, haha.  Even still, there are times when I have caught myself apprehensive to send a congrats even, because maybe it was a person that I have felt weird vibes from as of late...but then I realize, I don't want to play THEIR game.  

Two things happen: 
1. I step back and try to figure out if this is someone I should even have in my life at this point.  If we can't cheer for each-other, what is the point?  

2. Should I push past for the sake of the bigger/better picture and trust that we all have lessons to learn?  It's a struggle.  We are all human.  But, for the most part it works out in the end.  Some people just need to go through things.  Including myself.  

I think the hard part to overcome involves the easiest of actions: be positive and generous.  

If more people did, maybe it wouldn't be as hard for people to support others.  It is competitive out there, this won't change-- we all know this.  Trust you will GET YOURS when that time is right.  Timing is everything.

In this business you work with so many people, and everyone will, "always work with each-other again", but life gets in the way, ego's form, or people just plain lose steam or interest.  While that is just the nature of the beast, I think it is still important to be able to CELEBRATE each-other.  That is the unfortunate disconnect I notice commonly occurring. 

Ironically enough, while this has been dancing around in my head, I happened to go catch JERSEY BOYS at the Pantages Theatre with Erin.  Great show.  Great Music.  Great performances.  But that is a different blog.  Call me a sap, or maybe say I was caught up in the pride of my state, but there were a few things that hit home for me, and it dealt with the loyalty they showed each other.  For one, there is a notorious deal done between Frankie Valli and Bob Gaudio that stands still today...a deal done on a HANDSHAKE.  Process that. 

Another famous story involved Frankie deciding on behalf of the group, to assume the LARGE debt of money racked up by fellow group member Tommy DeVito.  This happened at a time though, when they were at odds with each other...simply because of loyalty.  Tommy was the one that gave Frankie a shot, and that is good enough in Jersey. This could have all been dramatized for the show, but it spoke to me regardless.  

Just be generous to people and remember everyone.  Everyone is a part of your team one way or the other.

Getting back to why I was inspired to write this new entry originally...I sat back for a second after the latest, "You've been busy" comment from someone and thought, "Shit!  Time HAS flown.  Why?"  Then it hit me...It's been a bit busy the last few weeks.  "'s Sept-ober!"  I put together a more specific entry explaining what that entails here: Sept-Ober - my favorite time of the year professionally.  But, the reason why I wanted to highlight that was because these two blogs tie into each-other.  Hint: TEAM.   

I think it is time to wrap up this entry and send a congratulations to all my peers out there making it happen.  There seriously are too many to list, and I've been hearing about or seeing some awesome things pop up.  I feel like there is a very special group out there hitting their stride. Keep it up.  

Lastly, thanks to YOU, it all happens because of everyone's effort and support.


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