Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Disney Orientation & 1st Day of Rehearsal

So, if you caught any of my last blog, I thank you!! I have had a bunch of messages from people and I can't believe so many of you took the time to read AND touch base with me. A bunch of people wanted to hear how things progressed and I'm going to do my best to continue some with some kind of journal/blog of this experience...

So Saturday was my first official day as an employee of Disney and while the day was long and at times I wanted to fall asleep from being up so early it was fun. There was a certain charm that was in the air and call it cheesy, but it was kind of cool knowing I was going to be a part of the, "Happiest Place on Earth." It was pretty cool hearing all about the history of Disney and learning how Walt took his idea and shot to the moon with it. It was a bit hot walking around the park on a tour wearing a button up and slacks and being nervous about whether or not my hair was the appropriate length was not cool. There were moments where I was being reminded of my childhood visits to Disneyworld and there were moments when I was probably not wanting to let in on how excited I was. However it's not worth lying about the fact that I was pretty damn thrilled at the end when I got my little name tag and my id badge. Why? Because, they opened a curtain to reveal the boss himself, MICKEY. He was standing there with our id's and name tags and I was just sitting there my former 6 year old self! I had to go up and get it and it was almost a better feeling than when I graduated college LOL An excellent day for sure.

Sunday was the day I was looking forward to the most because that is when we would be meeting with the entertainment company and we would be in there with the new hires for the Aladdin show. I wanted to meet the rest of the cast and of course I wanted to see who else was hired for the Aladdin role. Well I was surprised to find out there was only one other guy from NY brought in for Aladdin. I was pretty excited to find that out. Out of all the people who auditioned and all the places they went to INCLUDING NYC, I was one of two guys brought in for the show. LOL Stephens would be proud...right? LOL I have to call Lamby and Beth. As far as Orientation goes, this was a better day as it was geared towards the entertainment company and the people running it had no shortage of cool personal stories to share. I was definitely looking forward to our first rehearsal the next day. I decided to finish my day and treat myself to a ride on Space Mountain and Pirates. I intended on going to check out the Theatre we would be performing in, but California Adventure was closed by the time I got around to it...next time..

So today finally gets here and we get to the rehearsal studio. Disney is freaking huge and I am going to need to get a skateboard or something. Let me also say that it is great to be a performer for Disney, they take care of their performers FOR SURE. I'm going to be working with some athletic trainers and the show goes allllll out. We walked into the rehearsal studio that would easily hold a basketball court and the floor was taped out and then someone said that the divider would be lifted up to reveal the other half of the taped out space. The Hyperion Theatre is HUGE!!!!!! I definitely have never been on anything like it. I met a few more cast members today 19 of us newbies in all ranging from Genies, Jafars, Carpets, Jasmin and some great dancers who will help make this show kick arse! Carl the other Aladdin and I were like Siamese Twins today taking turns to sing and read the script with the cast. I'm really excited and I hope some of you peeps get to check it out! The creative team is amazing and I'm having a BLAST so far. I am definitely am grateful and can't wait to go back tomorrow!

More next time!


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