Sunday, December 14, 2008

Great Opening Day, Offical Cast Member and Sick Beyond Belief

So yesterday was the big day! It was the day that I was going to be put into the show as Aladdin and it happened to be the Opening Day after a few months of being dark.

I woke up and felt some dryness in my throat, but didn't think much of it because it has been this way the past week or so and I figured it was just the new heat system in the apartment. Erin felt under the weather and I was encouraging her not to accept being sick and she would be fine...LOL

Well I dropped Wolfy off to the Vet for his surgery, no kids for the Wolfster. It was sad watching him walk back into the room, but I knew it was for the better and he would be healthier pup because of it.

I came back to the apartment and was waiting for E-kan and Tyler to find parking so we could head off to Disney. They were going to be joining Erin at the show and of course taking advantage of the Park Hopper Passes for the day.

We got there and I felt pretty good, I did my usual Vocal Warmups on the Drive and felt ready for the big day. After signing them in, I headed to the theatre and got ready to watch the first show of the day with the rest of the Audience. I was actually sitting there really tense and nervous for the performers on stage and that I started to get restless knowing that I would be going in next...I just wanted to get up there already! But the 1st show went great and it was awesome to see it with 1,800 other people. It brought back that feeling of watching a show on Broadway. The show ended and I headed backstage to get ready.

I got dressed had my wig put on and then ran around and up and down some stairs in my shoes to warm up in preparation. I heard the, "Places" call and headed to my position and just could not believe how many people were in the theatre. This by far, is the largest show I have been in and aside from the quick Fear Factor show at Universal, I have never been in front of this many people. The vibe was crazy and a few nerves crept up. However, once the show started and I made my mad dash down the stairs to hell for my entrance, everything went out of the window and it was game time. The show went great and it was so nice to have an audience out there. I made some adjustments and was really surprised at how different it was to be out there on the Elephant with everyone watching and waving at me as I made my way around the audience. Kids were so cute waving and people with their cameras were really into it. It was tricky, because I was wanting to wave to everyone but of course that wasn't possible. I also managed to cut myself in the show and was bleeding towards the end, but it wasn't anything severe and it stopped after a few minutes. Blood, Sweat and Tears for this role of the Street rat. All in all, it was an awesome welcome to the show!

I met up with Erin, E-kan, Tyler and Nina after, and they had really nice things to say about the whole show and it was a great moment for me. They also took some great pictures and I will be posting them soon, so keep your eyes open. As I was talking to them a chill came over me and I was starting to feel some soreness in my throat. I couldn't shake the chill so instead of eating I took a hot shower to see if it would bring my body temp back up. Mind you, I ate a little bowl of oatmeal earlier in the day and then some almonds between the show, but I didn't want to eat lunch because of how fast paced this show is and I didn't' want to cramp up or feel lethargic. After the shower, I felt a little better, but still was cold and my throat was a little better after gargling salt water and drinking a bunch of water during the break. I was starting to get a little worried because I couldn't feel warm and my body felt a little weak. I did a couple of jogs up and down he stairs and then some push ups and prayed that my body would hold up. The show started and I was off and my adrenaline kicked in and I had a blast again. Everything felt fine and the audience was really into the show so of course that energy was feeding me. I got to do it with some different people from the first run which is always fun, because it keeps it different and fresh. Toward the very end of the show, I was on the ground and stood up and I felt a bit Lightheaded, but I knew I only had a few minutes left and it was probably my body telling me I had to eat. Well the show finished and I headed downstairs and was greeted by our Director Marya, who told me I was officially approved to play Aladdin LOL and then I took a shower. After that I headed into the greenroom and grabbed a krispy kreme and then ate some cottage cheese and my chills just hit hardcore, not only that, but my throat was on fire. I think the buzz from being in show mode wore off and I was just a mess. I knew I had to go watch the last show and wanted to support the last cast, so I made my way out but as I sat there in a resting position, my body just began to shut down little by little and I officially felt like crap and was also REALLY Achy! I knew I wanted to take part in the tradition we were going to be having later on in the night which was a bowling championship to see who would take the crown for the Hyperion Theatre Bowling Award (or something like that) but I wasn't sure if I was going to make it. After meeting up with E-kan later who was stoked at the idea of meeting the cast, I pulled it together and decided to head over but I was not feeling good. I stopped along the way and bought some fresh OJ and a couple packs of Emergen-C and it definitely helped, I wasn't feeling as weak as I was earlier, but I knew it was time to eat. We headed to Johnny Rockets after being notified from the cast at the bowling alley that they had been waiting over an hour for food. I ordered food, ate two fries and I was not feeling well. I felt like I was going to throw up if I ate anymore. After that we headed back down to the bowling alley and everyone was leaving because of the terrible service (I mean it IS a bowling alley) so the championship is being postponed, which I am fine with! It was time to head home.

I got a text from Erin on the way home saying that Wolfy was in pain and looked really weak after his surgery and I knew she felt bad. I got home and she was really upset and felt like he was mad at her and she was feeling like she did the wrong thing, but after a little talk she was fine...not me. My body was just ready for bed so I listened after popping the last emergen-c, some Tylenol and Tussin (Yes the fake stuff).

Thankfully I woke up today and my throat was feeling much better, which was my biggest concern considering I have shows tomorrow and Monday. I knew I would be able to rest today and the worst that I am dealing with, is extreme soreness all over. My head feels a little tight with pressure and my nose is a little clogged, but I feel much better. Erin made a run for me and picked up some gatorade, throat coat, dayquil to accompany the chicken soup she made for me and Wolfy and I are just resting as I watched Aladdin. I'm glad I did too, because it reminded me of a few things and has given me some ideas for the show now.

I had a great day all in all yesterday and had a lot of the veteran cast members coming up to me and saying some great things and I am just so glad to be a part of this show. I'm thankful for everyone's generosity in the show too, there was never a shortage of advice or answering of questions from the previous cast members, in fact some of best help was offered from the other Aladdin's. I look forward to rest of this run and I'm getting to know some great people. I hope a lot of my friends can come out to see the show as well!

Hopefully, I'll be in good shape for tomorrow. I will have to make sure I eat properly and am well fueled, because I'll be doing 4 shows tomorrow, splitting Aladdin of course with Sam. I'm looking forward to a nice hot bath in a few and then maybe unpacking a few boxes before settling down for the night and watching the Ultimate Fighter Finale on Spike! Poor Wolfy is hanging in there and also looks to be feeling better, but still is just not moving much and I have to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't continue to lick the sutures.

TiLL NeXt TiMe!

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