Saturday, December 6, 2008

FREE TIX to DISNEY, No Internet & Falling Onstage

So, this is my first blog since last Sunday.

As I mentioned, I am in the process of moving and had no internet at my old place, so it was just basic email on my phone for the most part. We got the keys for our new place on Monday and of course we decided to stay the night since our bed was already there. We had water, electricity and we THOUGHT heat, but we found out later that the pilot had been turned out when the place was painted. We brought over sheets and A blanket. LOL It was cold! We froze that night, but it was still nice to wake up in a nice new place on a nice new bed. Back to basics. Wolfy seems to love this place, maybe because it gives him a lot of room to run around and cause trouble. At this point, the heat, cable and internet are on, and I moved most of my clothes and everything from my kitchen/bathroom. All that is left is my room shite that I will be moving Saturday morning with the help of E-kan and Javed from my Aladdin Cast. I've had a rough week with rehearsals every day only to come home and pack and move boxes to the new place. I wanted to move a little bit every day, but I paid for it with a sore back and tired days at rehearsal. I think it will be easy tomorrow, but who knows, it always looks like so much less work than it actually is! Either way you slice it, I have to be done with the truck by 1pm and I'm hoping to have all of my shit done by then.

I get really anal with wanting to have my stuff unpacked right away and settled in so I can finally feel like I have completely moved ya know? However, I already told myself, that I am just going to get it here and then wait until after rehearsals end before I really attack unpacking.

I'm excited to have people over for parties, or FINALLY host a UFC Fight on Pay Per View or have people over for football

GO GIANTS - 11-1 BABY! Big game this weekend. One of our rivals who we beat just a few short weeks ago, E-kan and I will be at it again LOL

So in the Aladdin world, things are going great! This was our last full week of rehearsals as we open next FRIDAY!!! I'm so excited! I've had a really great time with this show, which I'm sure I say a lot, but it really has been an amazing experience. I will definitely miss the cast that I came in with. There are 19 of us and some are scheduled for different days, while others are on an on call basis. We've had a great time, and it's the first show in a while that I got close to everyone and we all got along LOL for the most part ;)

I wasn't supposed to be in on Monday because of my St. Louis trip, but since we came back early, I called ahead and they told me to come in, which I was excited about because I really was itching to get back. I really am spoiled with this show. I missed two days and it felt like forever LOL I know how Carl felt now when he was hurt. But I heard they did runs, which I was upset I missed but we started in and finished working certain scenes in the space. You'd be surprised at how long a 3 minute song takes to stage, but when you have people learning multiple roles in a show, you have to keep going back to switch everything around so everyone learns their stuff. I'm really impressed with the talent in this show and their ability to handle all their different roles. I get confused with mine by itself LOL

I really can't remember too much from the week of rehearsal, most of my thoughts were involving moving and thinking about preparations for that. It was spirit week and there were themes for every day.

Monday was Camouflage day, which I wore my full desert fatigues and was only outdone by Ray who had the black boots. I had the same pair, but didn't take it all the way.

Tuesday was sports day and everyone was coming up to me asking if I was going to dress like a UFC fighter LOL I figured I'd wear my Giants gear in support instead.

Wednesday was Pajama day which I am bummed about till this day because I totally missed out and forgot to wear my famed one piece red pajama outfit with buttons in front AND back. I just forgot about it with the confusion of being at the new place. I did find time together to play a prank on one of the cast members that night. They were all headed to a bar to sing and I texted Kumi saying that I had been watching her from across the room. She didn't respond till 3 hours later when I was in bed...

Thursday was Superhero day and I was wiped this day and just threw on my Superman T-shirt which worked well for the scene in the show when I float into Jasmine's window on the carpet. I didn't even think about it, but some people said it looked really cool. That was the day also that I first ran the WHOLE NEW WORLD number with all the effects and when you see the show, you'll know what I mean. It looks really cool, but it is a little scary up there because of all the smoke they use in the scene. We also started decorating our Ornaments for the Christmas Tree in the green room. Let's just say that some people went overboard and couldn't stop making these things, not going to mention any names or anything but let's just say that there are two roommates who could not stop. On my ride to work though, the girl I texted the night before, got the Ace treatment and I texted her back on my drive and she couldn't figure out if it was a joke or not. It went on for a while, but hidden in one of the messages was a cryptic code saying that it was me...too bad she didn't catch it. I went on to say that my name was HANK, which some of you have met LOL During our warmups, she sat in the audience texting and watching to see who reached for the phone, but I was ONE JUMP AHEAD ;) and snuck them in fast. Finally she asked who was from JErsey and it didn't leave very many options, I was discovered. But I had her going good and she has vowed to seek revenge...we shall see. She said that when people mentioned it was probably me, she couldn't believe it as she didn't think I was capable of it, but she obviously didn't know me well.

Today was just costume day and I busted out the Pirate costume and I wasn't alone. Javed wore a full out Jack Sparrow Costume and Ray was SUPPOSED to be Capt. Morgan but couldn't get it together. We also continued with the ornaments and the two roommates continued. One of them, who I actually performed with as Jasmine, was getting really into it and was throwing everything into these ornaments. They were colorful and busy, lets just say that. We did 3 runs of the show all the way through with full effects and I did was scheduled to do the first one. I felt great and warmed up and then all of a sudden, I was just feeling BLAH...I don't know what came over me, but I just felt lethargic and out of it. We then went up onstage to practice a flip I have to do with the Alexa who was playing the carpet and we kept messing it up. It was alittle frustrating and one of those things you didn't want to be worried about in a show because that is when mistakes happen. I shook it off and had about 15 mintues to get back into my groove and started to do some push ups and anything physical to see if it would help, but only a little. It was time for places and I figured that I would make a couple of mad dashes down the stairs to hell I call it which helped get the blood flowing when I saw Mark 'Poison' Oka in his position for top of show. I said hello and we chatted a little and he had some real kind things to say about my work and before I knew it, they had called places and I ready to rock and I felt ready to kick ass. I like compliments as much as the next person, but it wasn't so much that...I just really respect Mark a lot and I remember he was the first person I talked to at Orientation. He has worked everywhere and has done some huge Broadway shows and I just was always inspired thinking about how he carried himself and how you could tell how much he loves what he does. I remember in Orientation we were supposed to share an interesting fact and he shared that he is still a dancer at age 50. It was simple, but it really hit home for me. He's a great guy and I really admire him a lot. I feel like he is one of the reasons that I've really pushed MYSELF hard in this and I've learned a new level of commitment that I don't think I could have achieved without being around such DEDICATED, TALENTED and CARING people that really go all out in their work. It's part of the reason I love working with Dancers, because in my opinion, they bust their ass and deal with pain and work at such intense levels and they just keep moving forward. I just wish I can perform with all these people all the time.

Anyways, our show went great and I felt the same about my run in it. I tripped in the FRIEND LIKE ME number over my BAGGY ASS ALADDIN Pants, but didn't fall thank god...I actually saved that part for after the show when I was running off stage with Jasmine and I got caught again and totally went down HARD! Thank god I had on knee pads...i'm a little sore though from it LOL.

We finished the day in the house with the Director and Choreographer and she gave us details about our specific performances. Now I already knew I was performing Sundays and Mondays, I just didn't know what I was performing for what shows...well I was informed that I was actually being brought in for the OPENING DAY next FRIDAY! We all get put in days which are basically the days they put us into the show and then give us final approval to do the parts. Yes, we already have the part, but it is some weird thing they do that none of us really understood to be honest. We all just got tense when they announced it because it felt like an audition again. Granted we have been doing this show for 6 weeks and I'm pretty certain that they have a good idea of what we are capable of, but who knows lol Regardless, everyone has to go through it and I'm not really worried about it at all. I'm just excited that I will be there to perform as Aladdin on the opening day!!! So if you are free, I think I will be doing the last two shows. I can get you into the parks (Disneyland and California Adventure) for free, if you come to the show of course! Let me know!

Anyways, it's time to wrap up. Gotta see if I can stay awake long enough to get through last weeks Dexter and 2 Ultimate Fighter Eps..


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