Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2012 Election -- The Bigger Picture

k, let's get political...briefly...I want to congratulate those who voted for Obama, we will do this another four it seems--yea!!! 

Regardless of your vote, I respect you. 

Please be kind though, and remember that we all can all have an opinion. THAT is our right...our RESPONSIBILITY that will LEAD us to growth.

I don't truly believe that one or the other is the perfect person for the job and there are things that were of interest to me that both presented, but it is what it is...and we need to continue to forge FORWARD.

The bigger picture...
Personally, I don't particularly care for this time every four years, because of the division it causes/encourages amongst us. 

I see people posting pissed, people posting happy...people posting about how many people they are pissing off or losing as friends...yada yada, and I don't get either side of that. We were getting on fine before right? Let's be real...None of us have shared the same opinions with EVERYONE on EVERYTHING since we've been in this world, so why people get so extreme now (on EITHER side) is silly to me.

Regardless of WHO you voted for...take a jog, blow off some steam, and continue living your life to do your part in the WORLD. We'll be right some of the time, and we'll be wrong for most of the other times. 

This is above being American guys. We've fought to be here since we hit that center of the egg...and we as the, "People of the planet" will continue to fight to find the right ways to survive...through the good, and bad.

Just smile and have fun :)

Done now :)

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