Wednesday, April 11, 2012


It has been a crazy couple of months on the production side of things as I've been dealing with MADISON COUNTY as we prep for our release on May 8th. It has gotten so complicated due to so many different elements that you don't know about as first time filmmakers or just don't think you yourself would ever have to deal with.

We are also in post production on ROADSIDE, which has become a new journey, even though you think you've been down the block before. It's like we're just doing it for the first time in some moments.

I've also been working on the development team for the feature, FOR BLOOD OR JUSTICE which released this concept trailer a few weeks ago:

Things have been moving along nicely and a lot of people are very excited about what we've done so far. I can't wait for this to go into production!!

There are a couple of other things brewing, but..that's a different blog entry :)

As I mentioned, MADISON COUNTY is going to be released May 8th. It won't be in theatres. Sorry. I say that, because that is always the first question. Will it be released in stores? That is still up in the air actually. Believe it or not, even less than a month away, there is SO MUCH still be sorted out. We all hope it is, but I can't guarantee that right now.

What I CAN say is that the movie is being carried by a lot of stores for purchase online, and most of the stores SELL DVD'S in their retail locations. Weird, I know.

As of right now, I'm just happy that the movie is going to be out there. I love that people can go out (or online) and buy the movie. I have friends that have had movies distributed and I've seen people flood their Facebook page with pictures of their movie sitting on a shelf at a local bestbuy, or people taking a picture as they rent their movie from a blockbuster or redbox and I'd be lying to say I wasn't excited about the possibility of that happening. To know that this film IS going to reach so many outlets, is just incredible. Hell, if you pre-order it on amazon or some of these other sites, you can get it that day delivered to you. That IS the way of the world these days lol

It's also going to be a new beginning for MADISON COUNTY. It has gone through so many stages and every one of them has been exciting. Now the film is FINALLY going to be released to the world. As an actor, this will be the first film I've been in that will have a wide release like this, not to mention my first film as a full on producer. 2 for 2! I'm pumped about that!

There will be tons of negative comments, reviews and the other stuff that is normally associated with anything that has entertainment value in the public eye, but that comes with the territory. I've already seen such great support for this film from those that matter most to me, so the rest will be what I call, "skin toughener." It's not only welcomed, but needed in my opinion.

I'm very thankful and can't wait to share!!

So far, below you can find the places you can or will be able to purchase/rent the film! You can also visit this website and view a few promotional clips from the movie by hitting the drop down menu. I'm in one of them! Hopefully this not only holds you over, but gets you as excited for May 8th as I am!!

I'll refresh this as I get more info!











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  1. Thanks for the updates! Looking forward to the movie; have heard excellent things. You will have a strong following if all of us horror fans enjoy "Madison County." Can't wait!